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Katie's 30 By 30

A list of 30 awesome things to do by 10.01.16 - my 30th birthday!


Finish my B.A. in Corporate/Org Communications

I currently work and go to univeristy full-time. In all honesty, I may not be completely done by 10.01.16, but I'll be darn close! I think it's important to set goals even if they seem far away, to keep your eye on the prize, and so that's why this one is my first.



Travel internationally

#1 on my list is India! There's also Italy, Ireland, Russia, French Polynesia, and more. (Pinterest doesn't help this travel addiction!)


*Traveled to Guatemala in October 2015

*Traveled to India in November 2015 (and got engaged at the Taj Mahal!)



Travel locally

There are SO many places I want to visit within the United States: the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Colorado, Utah, Maine, Las Vegas, etc. Say, one new adventure every 3 months, at least?


*Traveled to California (Salinas, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Napa Valley) in June 2015.



Be hired on at my dream company*

You know who you are, you "Petroleum Giant," you!


*I achieved this goal on January 19, 2015!



Learn to play the piano - again

I loved learning piano as a girl, but despised my teacher. Time to stretch those fingers again and create some music!



Volunteer / Donate

I have become hyper-aware of how incredibly blessed I am - with my family and friends, my work, my education, my health, my home, my car, my things. I would like to give back to others by volunteering at soup kitchens or teaching others to read, and by donating to or participating in fund-raising opportunities for charity. 


*Donated to Run for India & Alaska Bike Run; volunteered for Serving Our Seniors; co-captain of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk


Read 30 non-fiction books

As a sucker for fiction, YA fiction to be specific, I don't dedicate as much time to non-fiction as I could/should. Some books on my list include Papyrus: The Plant that Changed the World, The Art of Happiness, and Curiosity: How Science Became Interested in Everything.


Keep a regular journal

This seems like a simple goal, given that I love to write, but it's easy to neglect and procrastinate in this age of smart phones, tablets, Downton Abbey, and tennis... not to mention homework! A writing Katie is a healthy Katie.


Keep in touch with family

It's so easy to just "like" or "re-tweet" or even just "look/read" instead of have an actual conversation. I want to talk to my family every week and stay caught up on what's going on in their lives.


 Get serious about financial planning

Set up a 401k or similar. Set and keep a monthly/annual budget. SAVE.


*I have set up a 401k and have invested my savings in interest-building accounts.



 Go zip-lining

I'm not sure if I can work myself up to sky-diving, but living in Texas offers ample opportunities for zip-lining, which is close enough!



Ride an elephant

I just have to! Haathi mere saathi <3


*I fed elephants in California in June 2015. Getting closer!

* I rode a camel in India!



 Sing in public

Karaoke or Open Mic Night! Time to loosen up my vocal cords and belt out some soul songs!


* I sang "Summer Nights" by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta with a friend at the (2015) company Christmas party!



Go snorkeling / scuba diving

After having had four different saltwater aquariums, it's time to see "the real thing" up close and personal!



Learn conversational Hindi

My amazing guy is from India, and his family speaks both Hindi and Punjabi. I know a few words and phrases, but I'd love to be able to have at least basic conversations in Hindi by my 30th birthday!


*Currently giving Rosetta Stone - Hindi a try!



Write THAT book

There's a story I've been working on for years, abandoning it and picking it up over and over again, and still, it demands to be written. 



Climb a mountain

In this life journey, mountains have stood in my way, some seeming so insurmountable that, at times, I chose to stumble around the base of the mountain for some time instead of facing it. Time to face the real thing!



 Take a road trip in an RV

Dad's RV has always been on offer. No more procrastinating!



Attend BEA (Book Expo America) in NYC

Best-selling authors and exclusive access to their books - need I say more?!



Cook a four-course meal for friends

I have been so blessed to meet some wonderful people over the last 2 years, and what better way to approach my 30s than by showing them appreciation for their contributions to my life journey?



Do a Mud or Color Run

Health is wealth, and you might as well have fun being healthy!



Attend a live football game

Go Texans! Hook 'Em Horns!



Practice grace, forgiveness, and gratitude

Every day.



Do a "The Works" Spa Day with a girlfriend

Manis, pedis, mud bath, facials - do it all!



New Year's Eve in New York City

Self-explanatory. Hell-ooo kissing in freezing temps while the ball drops!



Camp in 5 United States National Parks

Seeing the Milky Way at Enchanted Rock was the clincher for this one.



Learn to roast coffee at home

Green beans, a popcorn popper, and trial-and-error... what could go wrong?!



Go on a cruise with my guy

Cozumel, here we come!



Live independently

It's important to know that I can take care of myself in every way. This is not so much a process as a state of mind. 



Make a list of 30 things that I am proud of

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